George Kordis Chosen


The Cathedral has chosen world renown iconographer and painter George Kordis to create the artwork in the interior of the new Cathedral.

Born in Greece in 1956, George Kordis read theology at the University of Athens. He pursued his studies at the postgraduate level at Holy Cross Theological School in Boston, where he specialized in both theology and the aesthetics of Byzantine painting, gaining an MA in theology. In 1991 he was awarded his Doctorate in Theology at the University of Athens, while in 2003 he has appointed to the post of Lecturer at the same university. Today he is an assistant professor in Iconography (Theory and Practice) at the University of Athens.

In addition to lecturing and writing on Byzantine iconography at the academic level, George Kordis also teaches the art of icon painting. He is a visiting professor on the summer program of Yale University (at the Institute of Sacred Music), at which his last course was entitled Glory on Earth—The Art of Icon Painting, on the School of Fine Arts (Cluj Napoca) Rumania, School of Theology of Bucharest Rumania, Pedagogical University of Odessa Ukraine, University of South Carolina etc.

Iconographer and Artist:

During the 1980s George Kordis worked by the side of the Cypriot master iconographer, Fr. Symeon Symeou. He also undertook courses in painting technique at The School of Fine Arts at The Museum of Boston from 1987–89. Upon his return to Athens in 1990 he continued his studies in painting and engraving under Fotis Mastichiadis.

Kordis is both an icon painter and author of secular works, and has exhibited widely in his homeland and abroad. He has painted many portable icons and frescos in churches and other holy places. His most important commissions include:

Docheiariou Monastery, Mount Athos.

St George Orthodox Cathedral, Beirut, Lebanon

The Church of Dormition of Theotokos in Geraka Attikι

The Church of Tranfiguration, in Chalandri Attikι

Monastero della Piccola Famiglia della Ressurezione, Valleripa, Cesena, Italia.

St Nikolas Church, Beirut, Lebanon

Fanerwmeni Church, Vouliagmeni, Greece.

Holy Trinity Church, SC. USA.

St. Sophia, Valley Forge, PA. USA.

For more information on George Kordis, please visit

Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation, San Francisco

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