OIKOS Lecture Series Continues

As we’ve been doing for a while, periodically, we schedule speakers, through our OIKOS program. OIKOS (Orthodox in Koinonia Outreach Services), under the direction of Dr. Katina Kostoulas, Ph.D., and the assistance of Dr. Tony Elite, sponsors the talks , which are aimed at informing, engaging, and edifying our parishioners in any number of areas involving individual and communal spiritual growth, family dynamics, and parish life. Some of them are erudite (i.e. they are offered by people who teach at the college/university level. Some are instructional in a different way. They are offered by clerics or by laypeople with responsibilities over a particular ministry in the Church. Other are offered by fellow parishioners based on their experiences. All are informative and worthwhile, as they offer a variety of views. The talks take place the first Sunday of each month, during the coffee hour. We’ve had a monk speak to us about the meaning of the komboskene. We’ve had a talk by Alex Kozak who explored St. Maximos the Confessor, e.g. on the topic of the Incarnation. We’ve heard Basil Crowe talk about the development of ecclesiastical music. Dr. Katina Kostoulas has spoken to us on dealing with teenagers and other issues of parenting and nurturing according to the Church Fathers. And the list goes on. We are looking ahead to hearing a first-hand experience with Syrian refugees on the island of Lesbos, from Barbara Karvellis, on Sunday, March 12, to Professor Martha Klironomos on the Bloomsbury Group and how their travels to Greece and Italy inspired the integration of Byzantine motifs into their art. We also look forward to hearing Professor George Kordis, when he comes to “write” the icons in the new Cathedral; he will be speaking, as well, at the PAOI/Graduate Theological Union and at Stanford University. We plan to hear, finally, from Janine Economides and others. Perhaps from young professionals, who have come to San Francisco to work in the tech world, medical research, journalism, etc., as well a number of others.
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