(Once Again) Will You Consider Donating $1 Million?

Back when Father Scott was helping us raise money to begin rebuilding the Cathedral, at one of the meetings where we were discussing holding a gala-type event, we recall his saying: “If we can get someone to donate $1 million, that would electrify the community.” He used these very words. Since then, we worked in earnest to raise the money to rebuild, and we did, in fact, raise that single donation of $1 million. To be precise, it was over $1 million. It came from the late Katherine Costopoulos. May God rest her soul, as we remember her among the “Founders and Benefactors of this Holy Church.” The time is now come when we are poised to receive another singe gift in the amount of $1 million (or more), towards the rebuilding of the Cathedral. We’ve been cultivating a few individuals and can only pray that this will come about. For certain, there are a number of people in the Greek Orthodox community who are in a position to make this kind of gift, if they are so inclined. The project itself is compelling. First, it’s about the rebuilding of this Metropolis’ Cathedral church. But, it’s also about “making firm” our presence as a faith community and as a cultural community, in the heart of the City of San Francisco. At a time when mega buildings are rising, at an unprecedented rate, making an important contribution to the City’s skyline. At a time when the vibrancy of youth is re-energizing the City’s neighborhoods. At a time when an optimism about the future abounds (despite the many challenges facing our society). Precisely at this time, God is enabling a church to be built, to be a beacon of hope and reconciliation. And it’s your church! Your faith: the gathering of the nations of the earth into one household, where “Christ is all and in all” (Colossians 3:11). So, again, and again, the question: will you consider donating $1 million?

Or (Once Again) Lending the Cathedral $1 Million?

The above paragraph suggests there are people in the Greek Orthodox community who are in a position of making a significant monetary contribution towards the rebuilding of the Cathedral. Recently, a suggestion was made that 4 to 6 people could help bring the project to a speedy conclusion by lending the Cathedral $1 million each—interest free. They will be paid back of course. Meanwhile, they would he helping the Cathedral save some $22,000 a month, which it is paying the Bank, in interest alone! Give this some prayerful thought. It could be a win-win for all. Those who may wish to consider this kind of assistance are invited to discuss this first with their financial planners and advisors. We invite your response.

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