John Basil Vlahos, August 25,1935 - October 29, 2017

The Cathedral mourns the passing of John Basil Vlahos, husband of Cynthia Vlahos, brother of our parishioner, George Vlahos, as well as of Tasia Misthos and Eugene Vlahos, and father of Teitsa, Basil, Nicholas, Cassandra, and Michael. Google John Basil Vlahos, and you will find a litany of accomplishments during his 82 years. And these should be noted and celebrated. You will also see that he served as President of the Annunciation Cathedral and was considered by many who worked with him over the years, as the Cathedral’s “brightest star,” not only for his breadth of knowledge (one could discuss anything with John, from the law, to religion, to Messinian family connections, to theology and iconography), but for his leading the way, in so many instances, for this community, whether promulgating its by-laws, incorporating its originally four land parcels into one, giving impetus to its initial food festivals, singing God’s glory in its choir, supporting its efforts to rebuild the Cathedral with a substantial gift, which he gave unassumingly, without fanfare. No doubt, in heaven, John will be interceding in the Cathedral’s behalf, overseeing the course of construction of the building, and the installation of its iconography and its various appointments, down to the chalices which will be utilized to contain the Holy Gifts, offered by the faithful, to God, and, in turn, received by us as “Body and Blood of Christ.” In recognition of his incredible stewardship, the mural of Constantinople, which will be painted along the large expanse of wall, behind the new sanctuary, will be dedicated to John. (The graphic, along with the article, has appeared in past issues of the Herald; it is being reprinted in this issue, for your perusal.) This is a most fitting gesture, since, as Archon of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, John was an indefatigable champion of its historic rights, and, dare we say, continues to be, as the finest among us, who now rests among His saints. Aionia I Mnimi! Eternal Memory!

Dear friends, let us continue to love one another, for love comes from God.

John 4:7