Would You Consider Donating $1 Million? (Redux)

Back when Father Scott was helping us raise money to begin rebuilding the Cathedral, at one of the meetings where we were discussing holding a gala-type event, we recall his saying: “If we can get someone to donate $1 million, that would electrify the commu ...

Greek School News

We hope everyone is enjoying the last few days of summer! Summer went by fast, and we are ready to start another fun year of Greek school on Saturday, September 30th.

Our hours stay the same from 10 am to 12:15 pm. There is room to enroll your child in one of our seven levels. Annual tuition ...

A Mural on the Back Wall

Say, what? A mural? Yes, a mural. Recall, some time ago, we featured the graphic below and said we were giving thought to having it drawn along our entire property in the back, along Stevenson Street? The purpose of doing a mural was to thwart graffiti, which has become a perennial problem. You no sooner ...

Members of the Philopotchos Board

Everything’s a go for our annual Greek Food Festival, which will take place on our grounds at 245 Valencia Street, San Francisco, this year, on Friday, September 22 (12 noon to 10 pm), Saturday, September 23 (12 noon to 10 pm), and Sunday, September 24 (12 noon to 8 pm).

Food preparati ...

What’s the Big Deal About Stewardship?

Well, it is a big deal because this is how we support the Church. We make an annual pledge to support the Church’s programs and ministries. We do so in accordance with our means. We do so commensurate with our faith. If we believe in the work of the Church, we give. ...

Community Kitchen

The Cathedral’s Community Kitchen, which began under the name “Soup Kitchen,” operates the third Tuesday of every month. The volunteer work involves food prep, cooking, hall setup, serving the meal and---so important—cleanup. We also have a food pantry, so a few awesome volunteers come early to bag up ca ...

The Cathedral Welcomes the New Consul General of Greece

The Cathedral welcomes the new Consul General of Greece to San Francisco, Ambassador Antonios Sgouropoulos, and his family. In the City barely a week, the new Consul General and his family were luncheon guests of Metropolitan Gerasimos of San Francisco.

Afterwards, ...

Members of the Philopotchos Board

“Of all holy works, the education of children is the most holy.”
~Saint Theophan the Recluse

We look forward to the new Sunday School year for, begins on September 10th. We encourage the parents and grandparents that bring their children to Sunday School to set a ...

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    Ask Father

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    Community Link

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